Who is Dr. Nieper? Why are his mineral transporters so effective for me to use?

This clip talks about some of the amazing aspects of Dr. Nieper as well as why his mineral transporters are important today.

What gives each Transporter a unique role in the body?

This clip describes what some of the major differences between the transporters are and where each one targets.

When do I use a Mineral Transporter and which support what in my body?

This clip is to give some insight on which tissues and cells are being supported by various mineral transporters. Also check out the support chart within the support chart link to get a full overview of the systems supported by all the mineral transporters available.

These videos are presented by Jonathan Haltiwanger, a biochemist, who received his degree from New Mexico State University in 2010. He has trained with his father, an MD, who has practiced and researched orthomolecular medicine for 32 years.
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