Meet Nieper

Dr. Hans Alfred Nieper was a Hannover born physicist turn physician. Towards the end of his life he was an active internist at Paracelsus Silversee Hospital in Germany, while running a substantial private practice. His doctoral explanation of Boeck’s Sarcoid as an autoimmune disease was a disease principle in 1952, not accepted like the common reality it is today. This is one example of how Dr. Nieper was ahead of his time in many ways with his discoveries. He was world renown and worked closely with the United States in many ways throughout his life despite many controversies and setbacks. He worked at Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute for years and toured the U.S. giving lectures on his many works. He also held many prominent positions in medical societies, such as when he was president of the German Society of Oncology. He was esteemed in cancer research and multiple sclerosis research, but it is his discoveries of mineral transporters that this site will focus solely on. Dr. Nieper posited the shielding theory of gravity, an absorptive loss of energies created by gravitational acceleration, and he used this reasoning to apply it to how cells interact with the influence of gravity’s energetic effect on the energetic functions of the human body. This set Dr. Nieper apart as a physician as he wasn’t of the usual biology or chemistry backgrounds. He viewed physics and health in close relation. He believed in orthomolecular health, which is health being maximized by providing an optimal environment for cells through natural substances. It has always been cheaper and more effective to be preventative in health care than to treat diseases as they come. Mineral transporters are a more effective system of delivery for minerals than most common mineral compounds due to the difficulty of cell membrane passage and how mineral transporters overcome this barrier. With the contributions and collaboration of Dr. Franz Köhler, a prominent chemist in Alsbach, Germany, Dr. Nieper was able to develop natural compounds of aspartates, arginates, orotates and salts of 2-AEP. They pioneered these supplements, patented them so that they wouldn’t be modified to a form with less effectiveness, and left them as a lasting legacy for the world.

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